Keep your oriental and area rugs beautiful and long-lasting

By having them professionally cleaned at least once a year

Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Services

Area and Oriental rugs are a common feature in every home, thanks to the general comfort and visual appeal they bring. And just like every other piece of furniture or décor you have, they need regular care and maintenance. While many homeowners take the cleaning into their own hands, your rugs, whether they are area or oriental, need professional cleaning at least once a year.

The fact is, “doing it yourself” can be expensive and can backfire, causing damage to your rugs. Even if you are used to cleaning your rugs, the cleaning methods you use may not be sufficient—and they certainly are not on the level with those used by cleaning professionals.

Keep your oriental and area rugs beautiful and long-lasting by having them professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Why Do I Need My Rugs Cleaned?

Here’s Why
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    Professional Cleaning

    Compared to normal rugs, area and oriental rugs are very delicate. They, therefore, cannot be handled by regular cleaning solutions, chemicals, and approaches. They need professional cleaning dependent on their type, material, and condition. Your DIY cleaning methods and store-bought rug cleaner may damage or further deteriorate your rug.

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    Shields Your Warranty

    To keep your manufacturer’s warranty, you need to get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. Since these rugs are more delicate than regular rugs, they need to be treated with specific cleaning solutions and particular cleaning methods. The kind that only technical knowledge and industry experience can provide. If you damage your own rug due to incorrect cleaning methods, most companies will consider that grounds to void your warranty.

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    Properly Remove Stubborn Stains and Dirt

    Area rugs that are frequently trampled on by children or pets are particularly prone to dirt and stains. As a homeowner, you know that some stains are easier to rid of than others. It can be especially hassling and frustrating when the material is light-colored, making the stains more noticeable.

    Stains left to fester for some time may need extensive treatment. And while using that new and improved cleaning agent advertised on TV can be tempting, think of the harsh components and chemicals inside it that could potentially ruin a stain that could have otherwise been managed by a professional.

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    Maintain Your Rug’s Quality

    Some clumps of dirt can be removed with vacuuming and steaming. Still, there is much dirt that can become deeply embedded in the rug—especially if you’ve had that rug for quite some time now. Additionally, because stains can be frustrating to deal with, it can be tempting to resort to harsher methods such as harsh solvent and rigorous brushing with a tough bristle brush. This can pull and stretch at the material, further damaging it.

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