There are so many DIY myths worldwide surrounding carpet cleaning. However, most of these myths are false and can cause more harm than good. To avoid regrets, you need to use professional carpet cleaning services.

What are the myths surrounding DIY carpet cleaning?

    • One must only clean their carpet if it’s dirty. This myth is misleading. Whereas your carpet may appear clean when seen with the naked eye, it may harbor a lot of invisible dirt particles and dust mites in its fibers.
    • Over time, the dust particles and the dust mites will start to float in your air, causing allergic reactions. They accumulate and make your carpet smelly and or dull.
    • Baking soda is an excellent carpet cleaner. Many people sprinkle baking soda on their carpets as a way of cleaning them and getting rid of odors from them. But here is the thing. Even though the baking soda can absorb some dirt, its cleaning effect is temporary and less satisfying.
    • Use natural remedies for carpet cleaning. Strangely, some people suggest natural remedies like vinegar for carpet cleaning. However, studies show that vinegar is inefficient at carpet cleaning.
    • DIY carpet cleaning is just as good as professional carpet cleaning. This myth is a complete lie. There is no alternative to professional carpet cleaning services. The equipment, labor, and supplies used in professional carpet cleaning will effectively eliminate dirt and foul odors from your carpets, unlike with DIY carpet cleaning, which can leave your carpet stained and smelly.

    Why you should use professional carpet cleaning over doing it yourself

    • With professional carpet cleaning services, there is less time for your carpet to dry. Professional carpet cleaners know and love what they do with the help of appropriate equipment. So, your carpet cleaning work is done faster with them than with DIY carpet cleaning attempts.
    • You are assured of good results when you utilize professional carpet cleaning. In contrast, you may not be sure of the results you will get from DIY carpet cleaning. This is so because you may not know what equipment and supplies to use to obtain excellent carpet cleaning results.
    • Professional carpet cleaning is convenient since it’s done by experts having the right skills, equipment, transport to and fro, water, and other cleaning essentials. The challenge with DIY carpet cleaning is that it’s not so convenient. You need to research online or inquire from friends about it. Some of the information you get may be misleading and damaging when implemented on your carpet.
    • Hard and tough carpet stains are easy for professional cleaning services to eliminate. In contrast, DIY carpet cleaning can only handle minor stains, which are sometimes not thoroughly cleaned.


    Even though DIY carpet cleaning can be cheaper and easy on you, professional carpet cleaning is more helpful as it does a clean job in a short period. Professional cleaners have better equipment, skills, labor, cleaning supplies, and more experience for all carpet types.